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My Story

Hi!  Thank you for visiting my site! I am Neel Sood.  I am 9 years old and I am in 4th grade in Bridgewater, New Jersey. I created the Hearts of Kindness Project (HOKP) to spread kindness and positivity throughout my school and to remind each student how amazing they are.  Every student in my school received a hanging heart with a message of kindness attached. Students were asked to write their own superpower on their heart.  The heart could be hung on their backpack, in their cubby, or anywhere at home to serve as a reminder to each student of their unique abilities and to give them a message of kindness to read whenever they may need one.  My goal was to spread smiles and positivity!

I would like to bring Hearts of Kindness to the community. If you are a teacher or part of a group (children or adults) that would like to participate in spreading kindness by constructing hearts or if you are part of a group or facility that would like to receive Hearts of Kindness, please contact me at

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